Once a call comes in for a commercial roof bid, a process is set in motion that we hope will insure your satisfaction.  Staub Contractors will visit your site.  At this time we will evaluate the overall condition of your roof and field measure the project.  This inspection includes walking the entire roof to determine the current condition of the surfacem, underlayment and flashings.  We look for signs of wear as well as signs of drainage problems.  This inspection can also include a core test of of your roof.  This is a process where a test cut is taken from your roof, which gives us a visual cross section of all the layers of your roof down to the original deck.  If we think that water has been trapped in the layers of the roof, a heat scan can further show where moisture is trapped in the roof.  
The next step is to determine if a repair or a new roof is the best solution for you.  The proposed solution needs to be practical  as well as cost effective.  A meeting with the proposed customer is then set up to discuss the options for your roof.  If we determine that a roof replacement is not necessary at this time, we will recommend any repairs that can extend your roof life and apprise you of the life expectancy of your current roof.  That gives you the opportunity to budget for future roofing needs.  
If we propose a roof replacement, we we will discuss any options you have for re-roofing and recommend which option we consider to be the best for your individual circumstances and why.  We will work together with you to make an informed decision about your project.  After answering any questions you might still have, a detailed, written estimate will be presented to the customer for consideration. 
After being awarded the contract, Staub Contractors will discuss any special requirements for the performance of the work, such as where and when we will set up and load material in order to cause the least disturbance to the status quo.  Generally, all equipment and material is crane loaded to the roof. Depending on the size of the project, this can be accomplished in one or multiple crane loads.

After application of the new roofing, in accordance with our contract, a final roof inspection will be performed by Staub Contractors and, as necessary, by any manufacturers who are supplying warranties.  
We will work together throught he entire project to make certain that you are happy with the process and the finished result.